Texas Immersive offers courses that specialize in the field of immersive to teach students how to become experience designers, strategists, and technologists. 

All UT Austin students (grad and undergrad) can apply to TXI and become an “Explorer”. We accept new students every Fall and Spring semesters. Each Explorer Cohort move through a sequence of 3 courses designed to explore the intersection of culture and commerce. We create ways for audiences to engage in a blend of physical, digital and voice environments with ease.

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We also have opportunities for students outside of TXI to take elective courses. These courses are open to all UT students, no prerequisites.

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The characteristics of a Texas Immersive course include:

Lectures Supplement Real Work

There are few lectures during class. Lectures are pre-recorded and required as homework. The lectures are used to fuel discussion and hands-on activities for ongoing projects.


Immersive is transdisciplinary. People from all sorts of backgrounds are needed to create an effective experience. Expect to collaborate with people outside of your major.

Active Learning

Activities emphasize collaborative and cooperative learning. A frame of reference for this type of learning is easily recalled with the acronym PIES: Positive interdependence, Individual accountability, Equal participation, and Simultaneous interaction (Kagan, 2003).

A Helping Hand

The professor's objective is to get students going on projects and to be available as an on-hand resource. Expect a plethora of guest speakers who are leaders in the immersive space to come and speak with you.

Reap What You Sow

The responsibility for learning is placed on you, the student. Majority of the work is donein teams where you'll try on different roles and your peers rely on you. Be present and show initiative.

Building Blocks

Each course and class activities build on each other to provide a dynamic and integrated learning environment that emphasize personal intellectual development and content learning.

These classes are not blow-offs. They are a time commitment. You will be challenged. But we promise that if you give the specialization your all, you'll leave with the tools necessary to disrupt any industry. A professional who has handled a number of real-world immersive projects and clients. A storyteller who can provoke genuine action and true connections no matter the brief. A Certified Texas Immersive Explorer.


Texas Immersive Sequence

Limited to TXI Students (aka Explorers) 

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Course 1: Audience Development & Engagement

Audience Development and Engagement Course Icon

Audience Development & Engagement

ADV 365 (07000), ADV 391K (07415), PR 365

Understand an audience’s intention, expectation, interaction and relationship with space and emerging technologies to create resilient and inspired engagement

Course 2: Experimental Storytelling

Experimental Storytelling Course Icon

Experimental Storytelling

Understand the expansion of characters, afford new ways of telling stories, and apply them to world-building scenarios that create personalization and interaction.

Course 3: Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience Course Icon


Immersive Experience  

ADV 364 (06995), PR 364 (07655), ADV 391K (07435)

Combine the understanding of an audience, the language of development and awareness of the affordances of each medium to design immersive user experiences.


Texas Immersive Electives

Open to all students

Immersive Media Studio



Immersive Media Studio

ADV 378 (07275)

Develop through emerging technologies to understand how we engage in participatory practices of creating, communicating, collaborating, and circulating stories.

Immersive Strategy



Immersive Strategy

ADV 378 (07280), PR 378 (07855)

Learn how brands are implementing immersive technologies and strategies into their business model as well as new career opportunities in the immersive field.

Creativity in AI (NEW)

creativity in ai


Creativity in AI

ADV 378 (07269), PR 378 (07849)

Explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and creative processes. Examine how AI can enhance and augment human creativity in various domains such as art, music, writing, and design.

Designing for Participation (NEW)

design for participation


Design for Participation

ADV 378 (07268), PR 378 (07809)

Explore the tools, processes, and neuroscience of how to activate and engage audiences in immersive experiences.