Immersive Lab

Tall boy with virtual reality headset facing you. crowd behind him watching him play.

Immersive Lab




The Immersive Lab is at the heart of TXI. It was established so that curious people have a safe and welcoming space to dive deep into the intersection of XR and impactful storytelling. A number of TXI’s award-winning experiences are workshopped in the lab and are ancillary to the Institute’s coursework.

The Immersive Lab is located in the CMA, Room 6.154. Regardless of your background, if you love immersive or have no idea what it’s about - consider stopping by! The lab is generally open 10-5 Monday through Friday, you can also request an appointment to have someone give you a tour of our tech! 


At the heart of immersive are deeply intimate experiences. Experiences that transport us to other worlds. Worlds that make us second-think what’s real and what’s not. Here are some of our favorites that you can try the next time you're at the lab.

Unceded Territories


The Story: Built from Indigenous artist Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun’s iconic work, this experience places you in an interactive landscape and shares a story about colonialism, climate change and indigenous civil rights.

The Technology: Vive Pro

57° North


The Story: When two cousins are shipwrecked on a remote island in Alaska, it’s up to you to help them survive, escape, and maybe even discover why there are so many security cameras out here in the middle of nowhere.

The Technology: Merge Cube

The Messy Truth 


The Story: The Messy Truth puts viewers in the shoes of people from other walks of life. Embody the perspective of a 12 year old African-American child as he and his dad are pulled over by the police. The scenario is based on a real life incident, with research provided by Time Magazine.

The Technology: Meta Quest 2 or Vive Pro


Project Create 


The Story: With Project Create, the room becomes your playground. Build a castle made of cake for a knight who’s on the run. Arrange a room full of dominos and watch a testy T-Rex knock them all down. And when you’ve had your fun, toss it all in a vortex and start a brand-new adventure.

The Technology: Magic Leap 1


Another Dream 


The Story: Another Dream, a hybrid animated documentary and VR game, brings the gripping, true love story of an Egyptian lesbian couple to life. Faced with a post-revolution backlash against the LGBTQ community, they escape Cairo to seek asylum and acceptance in the Netherlands. 

The Technology: Vive Pro