Innovators' Roundup

Innovators Roundup

Reimagine the future

Every Fall semester Texas Immersive hosts one of its annual events for the UT and Austin communities. The Innovators' Roundup is a thematic event where a select group of innovators, including professionals, industry experts, faculty and students, come together to reimagine, collaborate and ideate together for our rapidly approaching future. 


Fall 2022

What defines the amplified experience of virtual beings in the hospitality sector?

Think & Do Briefing Book Cover
Fall 2022 Summit on Virtual Beings


Fall 2023

The Future of Commerce 

On October 27, 2023, around 54 carefully selected innovators will come together to reimagine the future of commerce. This is a closed, invite-only event.

Some of the questions we want to answer include:

  • How can the immersive help transform business models that exist today?

  • How can immersive help transform currency and value?

  • Could industries move away from ad-based models and embrace a new way to promote/advertise?

  • What are the challenges stopping people from adopting these new ways or methods of trading?


We will have:

  • Interactive presentations

  • Engaging conversations

  • Demos!

  • Expert panels 

  • and more!