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Audience Engagement
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Traditionally, audiences for content were broken up into four simple quadrants – male, female, young and old – but now it’s possible to develop much more nuanced audience models based on their intention, expectation, interaction and relationship to the space the experience resides in. This nuanced understanding of the audience allows media companies to gain a better understanding of why people are accessing that content and design experiences accordingly.

Audience Persona Map 1: The Taster
Audience Persona Map 2: The Helper

[Audience Persona: Fellowship through food; Yiling Cao, Arianna Avalle, Luisa Daniela; Fall 2020]

In this course, you will have a chance to study an interest-based community you're passionate about. You'll learn to understand and identify this particular audience’s intention, expectation, interaction and relationship with space. As a student, you will receive a Meta Quest II as your textbook. We will demo and explore virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality experiences to better understand affinities with brands and the varied ways to activate an audience. Ultimately, the aim is to conduct research that develops effective audience profiles and use the research to design engagement strategies that leverage participation, agency, personalization, and digital currency.

Face Recognition Case Study - Header Page
Face Recognition Case Study - Audience Interaction

[Facial Recognition Case Study; Sarah Fung; Spring 2020]

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Course 2

Experimental Storytelling

Understand the expansion of characters, afford new ways of story structure, and apply them to world-building scenarios that create personalization and interaction.

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Course 3

Immersive Experience

Combine the understanding of an audience, the language of development and awareness of the affordances of each medium to design immersive user experiences.

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Elective Course 

Immersive Hack Lab

Develop through emerging technologies to understand how we engage in participatory practices of creating, communicating, collaborating, and circulating stories.

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Immersive Business Strategy

Learn how brands are implementing immersive technologies and strategies into their business model as well as new career opportunities in the immersive field.

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