Roses of the Rubble Icon

Roses of The Rubble

Enter an alternate Austin where the tech giant NOX Corp. rules over its citizens. Assemble the automaton BEN-i in a bid to bring them down

Be a Longhorn

Be a Longhorn

An augmented reality campaign consisting of a Map Mailer, Tour and Photobooth for Prospective Students coming to UT Austin.

Finalist for Indie Creator AUGGIE Award 2021

Solar Run Logo

Solar Run

An immersive, educational, and research-based web-AR experience concerning skin cancer and sun care.

What explorer type are you

What Type of Explorer Are You?

An experience designed by the first cohort of TXI to entice future explorers to apply and understand how they create.

Shifted Space Logo

Shifted Space

A transmedia storyworld about shifting the conversation of space.

Experience Waller Creek

Camp Cura

A gamified symptom tracker for young adults with asthma.


Space Shapers

An interactive storybook and game for parents and children to be ”edu-tained” on media literacy.