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Become a Sponsor

Texas Immersive Institute offers tiered sponsorships and discounts for multi-year support.



At Texas Immersive Institute (TXI), we aim to provide access to emerging technology and research to design for artists, industry professionals, and humanists who use storytelling to share solutions to big problems that are responsive, responsible, and remarkable.

Our goal is to be a leading voice in the future of communication and media through applied creative and research projects using a mixture of live communication methods and emerging technologies.

Annual Sponsorship Levels

Acknowledgement of sponsorship of Texas Immersive Institute and associated website, social channels, promotional material and affiliated events such as the Fall Innovators Roundup or the Spring Social Impact BuildFest.

Ability to recruit highly qualified and determined immersive students through internships, full-time positions and members-only speed dating opportunity with the graduating cohort of Texas Immersive Institute, plus invitation to attend events and workshops hosted by TXI with connections to other lab sponsors, 75+ researchers and students.

Ability to support the overall Immersive Lab with upkeep and distribution of XR technologies to faculty and students as well as give us the ability to host bi-weekly workshops and information sessions for students on a relevant immersive topic/technology.

Ability to provide scholarships to particular women and/or minority graduate or undergraduate student who are contributing to TXI research / projects. This fellowship is established to accelerate women and minority in this field and offer apprenticeships, collaboration and mentorship in the immersive field.

Opportunity for increased engagement with students in the Texas Immersive program through proposing a client brief in the Experimental Storytelling course that culminates in multiple (4-5) immersive experiences designed in response to the brief.

Opportunity to propose a client brief for the Spring Immersive Experience course that culminates in the full design, development, and production of an immersive experience for the public.

Ability to support Texas Immersive Institute’s Fellowship program and annual research agenda that kickstarts with the Fall Innovators Roundup and culminates in the annual white paper on the metaverse and a chosen vertical.