Past Publications

Haptics Feedback Study

The Role of Haptic Feedback for Emotion and Recall

Research in the context of video game playing suggests players who receive physical feedback during gameplay report higher levels of engagement, immersion and recall for the game elements. Current research conducted at TXI's lab uses a high degree of notable brands with facial recognition to identify immersion while sitting in the D-BOX high-fidelity haptics chair.

What's Needed for Immersive in a University Setting

What's Needed for Immersive in a University Setting

Immersive has a rich history across multiple disciplines and draws interest across multiple domains from theaters, movies, and themed attractions to games, public spaces, and retail. This paper explores the field of immersive and its impact at universities, share insights about the University of Texas at Austin faculty and student awareness and interest in XR technologies in terms of both teaching and research and provide a road map as to where Texas Immersive Institute can go next in exploring the future of media.

Audience Engagement

Fan Favorites: Leveraging Engagement

Each of us increasingly leaves behind trails of data that become crucial in shaping our
digital identity. Especially with the proliferation of mobile devices, there has been a radical shift in how we think about, understand, and participate in the world. We are more connected and informed than ever before. In order to build engagement and loyalty in a climate of intense competition and distraction, media companies have to understand their customers, viewers, and readers as fans.

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EXPLORE Newsletter - February 2024

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👋🏼 Welcome back, explorer! We have a special invitation for you!

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