Immersive Business Strategy

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Immersive Business Strategy
ADV 378 / PR 378

Immersive Business Strategy is one of the two elective courses at the Texas Immersive Institute.

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We are at the intersection of new Technologies + shifting human eXperiences and Business disruption all co-mingling but not always in alignment. We call this BXT (Business | Experience | Technology). This intersection is ripe for Immersive experiences. Humans, not business have always adopted New technologies first (Web 3.0, Metaverse, Crypto, NFTs are underway). Business asking what is next? What matters? How do I attract and retain the talent to design and build Immersive experiences that humans expect?

In this class, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of how a business can adopt and adapt Immersive experiences and technologies to delight customers and retain employees.

  • Be introduced to the language of business – metrics, buzzword bingo, and organizational structures. Demystify the language of business without going to business school.

  • Solve business problems by applying the BXT (Business | Experience | Technology) framework

  • Dive into emerging technologies. Explore the relevant Technologies, we will learn from other brands about their Immersive journeys and will respond to business questions that are relevant in 2023.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Explore and apply BXT (Business | Experience | Technology) framework to evaluate and plan your Immersive project

  • Critical thinking

  • Comfort with numbers, the language of business, to justify your recommendations

There are no prerequisites to take this course.

This course is available for both undergraduate and graduate students.


Download the Syllabus Here


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