Experimental Storytelling

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Experimental Storytelling
ADV 367/391K

As the media landscape becomes populated with more and more screens—from television and computer screens to mobile displays, but also virtual reality headsets, other wearable devices, and a rapidly growing Internet of Things—we have quite literally a whole world of possibilities for creating experimental storytelling experiences. These technologies offer unique potential for creating new and different kinds of experiences, including ones that respond with increasing precision to people’s behavior and input. So how might these screens (and the ecosystem within which they function) change the stories we share, but also how we share them? What might be the next step beyond the screen?

[Mixby: Murder Mystery; Julia Schoos, Lucy Wang, Wei-Ting Huang; Fall 2021]

This course aims to introduce you to experimental storytelling that explores our senses, and the blending of our physical and virtual world to create immersive story experiences. You'll expand your software skills development while learning new affordances of emerging media. Creatively design and prototype interactive forms of storytelling focused on audience participation. Lastly, we'll work with a real-world client to design guest experiences with a specific client goal in mind that would engage a target audience.

[City of Austin: Magic Schoolbus; Greg Gonzalez, Joy Zhou, Celine LowCristina VillarrealMeredith Macnoll; Fall 2021]

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Course 1

Audience Engagement

Understand an audience’s intention, expectation, interaction and relationship with space and emerging technologies to create resilient and inspired engagement 

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Course 3

Immersive Experience

Combine the understanding of an audience, the language of development and awareness of the affordances of each medium to design immersive user experiences.

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Elective Course

Immersive Hack Lab

Develop through emerging technologies to understand how we engage in participatory practices of creating, communicating, collaborating, and circulating stories.

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Immersive Business Strategy

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