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Apply to TXI

TXI is Open to All Undergraduate & Graduate Majors

The Application


Step 1: Who Are You?

Create something that qualifies as immersive to you. Your submission should show us who you are. 

  • Think Intimate.
  • Think Interactive.
  • Think Experiential.
  • What is your story? What is its feeling?
  • Love? Excitement? Fear? 
  • How can you share that emotion with us? How can you invite us into your story?

Do it however you want. Any media is fair game. You can share with us a link in the application if it's digital, or you can drop it off on or before the application due date on the 4th floor ADV/PR main office of the School of Advertising & PR in the Dealey Center for New Media building.

Step 2: Submit

Write out your contact info, answer a few questions, and upload step 1 if it's digital to this Submission Form when you’re ready. 

Everything must be turned in by 5PM on Friday, December 2nd, 2022. No exceptions.


What Then?

Expect to hear back by Thursday, December 15th via email.  If you get in, we’ll want you to take ADV 365 / ADV 391K Audience Development & Engagement next semester or ADV 367 / ADV 391K Experimental Storytelling.

Got Questions?

Give Professor Erin Reilly's door a knock. She won't bite.