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Apply to TXI

TXI is Open to All Undergraduate & Graduate Majors

The Application


Step 1: Who Are You?

Create something that qualifies as immersive to you. Your submission should show us who you are. 

  • Think Intimate.
  • Think Interactive.
  • Think Experiential.
  • What is your story? What is its feeling?
  • Love? Excitement? Fear? 
  • How can you share that emotion with us? How can you invite us into your story?

Do it however you want. Any media is fair game! If you need inspiration come by the TXI Lab, CMA 6.154! You can set an appointment with the Lab Manager to see previous applications or to simply ask questions and advice. Book an appointment here:

If you decide to create a digital project, you can link it in your application. On the other hand, if you create a physical project you will have to drop it off with Azalea Laredo, Program Manager of TXI. CMA Building - Office 6.154.

Step 2: Submit

Complete and submit your application!


Everything must be turned in by 5PM on Monday, December 4th, 2023. No exceptions.


Then What?

We will review all application and materials after December 8th. If you are accepted you will receive an acceptance letter via email by the end of December 2023. You will have to register for the first required course: ADV 365 / ADV 391K Audience Development & Engagement. 

Please note that TXI has 3 required courses (1 per semester) and 2 electives.

Got Questions?

Contact Azalea Laredo, TXI's Program Manager