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Texas Innovation Center
Austin PBS

The Team

Erin Reilly

Creative Director

MJ Jones

Lead Developer

Melody Geiger

Unity Jr. Developer

Noah Kuhn

Programmer, Game Designer

Ana Carolina Ospino Aguilar

Spanish Translator

Madison Phelan

Project Manager

Anchal Raghuvanshi

Art Director

Max Somarriba

Web Augmented Reality Developer

Will Sords

Audio Engineer

Van Truskett

Producer / Executive Director of Texas Innovation Center


Space Shapers is an interactive Storybook experience for children and their parents! It includes physical and digital interactive features for families to be ”edu-tained” on how to become wise media consumers and monitors of their own media practices.

Meet the Characters


space shapers characters

Sam is the guide of the experience and designed as the child character. Sam is optimistic, cheerful, lively, gender-neutral, daydreamer, and curious.

Balancing Ball is designed to be a friend figure for Sam. They are a little clumsy and easily distracted and are meant to help teach the audience how to balance screen time.

Tappy Triangle is designed to be a sibling figure to Sam. While they are a creative big dreamer, they lack initiative and are a passive media consumer. They are meant to teach how to create vs consume media.

Ziggy is Sam's zoned out and forgetful parental figure. Their media lesson is how to stay present despite all the media constantly available.


The Space Shapers card deck brings the digital story to the physical world. Using AR technology, the players can scan the cards and find a big interactive surprise!

Space Shapers AR Cards