Student FAQ

Student FAQ

Immersive has a rich and successful history.  The early adopters of immersive were from the theatre, gaming, museum, theme parks and advertising industries, and created location-based experiences using virtual reality, augmented reality, alternate reality, and mixed reality.  These experiences blend physical and digital to put users into more of real-world meets imaginary scenarios, thereby giving them a stronger emotional connection to the situation.

Today, Immersive has the potential to integrate into any industry, from education to entertainment, transportation, consumer and health and even in applications we haven’t even realized yet.

The immersive industry is growing dramatically and is seeking team-oriented, creative, curious problem-solvers to create, manage and produce immersive experiences.

Prepare for a thriving Industry

We combine audience, storytelling and emerging technology by having students like you work in transdisciplinary teams to turn real-world problems into authentic, memorable, and relevant user experiences.

We aren’t just innovators, but explorers of uncharted territory. We don’t think about the now because theorizing what’s to come gives us an insatiable hunger to create. We solve the unsolvable in as yet unrealized ways . We write and design. We research and code. We empathize and strategize. We humanize technology.

But it’s We.  Not I. Not You

We, as a collective, strive to understand one another to create novel, interactive, and intimate experiences that move between the physical and digital world. Students in TXI embrace audience research, storytelling, and emerging technology to push past what’s expected and ordinary

Do you think differently?  Do you take initiative? Work collaboratively? Dare the Impossible? Then you might just have what it takes to be a TXI Explorer.

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This specialization offers a convergence of disciplines in audience engagement, storytelling, and emerging technology. Students involved in Texas Immersive will test their hypotheses through action and work with real-world clients.


Audience Development & Engagement

Understand and identify an audience’s intention, expectation, interaction and relationship with space and emerging technologies to better understand affinities with brands and the varied ways to activate an audience. Conduct research to develop audience profiles and using the research, future forecast engagement strategies that leverage participation, agency, personalization, and digital currency.


Experimental Storytelling

Understand the expansion of mythology and archetypes, explore a variety of emerging technologies that afford new ways of telling stories and apply them to world-building scenarios and activations that offer customer personalization, interaction, and reward.


Immersive Experience

A cumulative course that brings it all together with the understanding of an audience, the language of development and awareness of the affordances of each medium to use them effectively in designing immersive user experiences. Students will work on a real-world client project, which will also be prepared for entry into an immersive storytelling competition.


Immersive Hack Lab

offered during summer session

Explore how emerging and mobile technologies are central to the way we engage in participatory practices of creating, communicating, collaborating, and circulating stories. This is a "think & do" course offering you an opportunity to learn together through experimenting (a.k.a. hacking) and sharing knowledge via special interest groups (SIGs). Within these SIGs, students will acquire possible certifications in varied software platforms depending on the special interest group chosen, emerging technology, skill level, and learning path design personalized within each group. From this experimentation, individual students will create a solo immersive project to showcase the final week of class.

Get a deeper look at the coursework for each class

First, you will learn from each other. Each student accepted into Texas Immersive is chosen for their unique gifts they can contribute to the whole. We foster teamwork and collective intelligence in all projects making sure we pool our knowledge and practices together towards a common goal.

Second, this program is under the guidance of Professor Erin Reilly and expertise shared from guest speakers invited into the classroom each semester. Check out some of our guests on our YouTube Channel.

Lastly, we encourage students to visit the Immersive Lab (CMA 6.154). Attend TXI Meetups 1st Wednesday of every month (6:30 PM to 8:00 PM) for demonstrations and networking, and, join hands-on workshops to tinker with emerging technology offering students experiential learning that is thought-provoking, hands-on and relatable to what's happening in the emerging field of immersive.

You will gain a deep understanding of new skills and disciplines in research, collaboration, prototyping, storytelling, coding, and interactive design.

A few of the careers paths include but are not limited to Experience Designer, Activation Strategist, Brand Manager, Engagement Specialist. Producer, Digital Creative Director, Consultant, Interactive Specialist, UX Designer