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Immersive Hack Lab Adv 378 / Adv 391
Immersive Media Studio
ADV 378

Immersive Media Studio is one of the elective courses at the Texas Immersive Institute.

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Immersive Media Studio explores how emerging and mobile technologies are central to how we engage in participatory practices of creating, communicating, collaborating, and circulating stories. The goal is to understand better how these technologies work, in what ways they afford new means of communicating and sharing information, what structures of control and power they embody, and how they might work differently for people in different contexts.

This is a project-based course that encourages creative exploration within the space of Immersive Technology. Much like a hackathon, students will work on experimental projects over short periods of time and will learn through discovery and sharing their findings with others.

Key learnings

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze novel technology and understand its uses and limitations
  • Design immersive experiences using a variety of technologies
  • Build, deploy, and test applications on immersive hardware
  • Discuss and share processes for development with immersive technology

These skills will benefit you in future technical/creative courses and prepare you for work or advanced study in fields that rely on cutting-edge technologies.

You are encouraged to consider your own learning goals for this semester. Write them down and periodically check to see if you are working towards them.

Here are no prerequisites for this class

Open to all majors and for both undergraduate and graduate students 

Disney + You Immersive Experience

[Disney+ You is an interactive game based on the characters and narratives of Disney+ content. click here to play; Madison Phelan; Summer 2020]

This is a think & do course offering you an opportunity to learn through experimenting (a.k.a. hacking) and participating in sharing knowledge via special interest groups (SIGs). Within these SIGs, you'll acquire certificates in varied software platforms depending on the SIG's chosen emerging technology, skill level, and learning path design personalized within each group. From this experimentation, students will create immersive projects to showcase the final week of class.

What is Mixed Reality; Presentation
Differences in MR; Presentation
How Does MR work; Presentation
AR vs MR Visual; Presentation

[Special Interest Group: Mixed Reality; Andrea Lloyd, Ansley Marquardt,Josh Ramirez, Kyle Schonefeld,Sarah Krueger, Madison Phelan, Daniela Quesada, Chris Segura; Summer 2020]

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Audience Engagement

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Experimental Storytelling

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Immersive Experience

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