Texas Immersive offers courses that specialize in the field of immersive to teach students how to become Experience Designers. The courses are by application only and open to all majors.


Audience Development and Engagement Course Icon

Course 1

Audience Engagement

Understand an audience’s intention, expectation, interaction and relationship with space and emerging technologies to create resilient and inspired engagement 

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Immersive HackLab Course Icon

Optional Summer Course

Immersive Hack Lab

Develop through emerging technologies to understand how we engage in participatory practices of creating, communicating, collaborating, and circulating stories.

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Experimental Storytelling Course Icon

Course 2

Experimental Storytelling

Understand the expansion of characters, afford new ways of telling stories, and apply them to world-building scenarios that create personalization and interaction.

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Immersive Experience Course Icon

Course 3

Immersive Experiences

Combine the understanding of an audience, the language of development and awareness of the affordances of each medium to design immersive user experiences.

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TXI Workshops

Every two weeks we do a crash course on a technology that is crucial to immersive.

Digitizing Drawings

After Effects

TXI MeetUps

First Wednesday of every month, the TXI Lab is open to all UT and Austin communities to come together to demo and discuss Immersive’s impact on a specific cause or industry.