Academic Scope
Path to Participate

TXI is a hub for scholars conducting work that is experiential, interactive and story-driven. It is not bound by any one discipline, but draws on a diverse set of interests and areas of expertise. From healthcare to business to entertainment, the research agenda is transdisciplinary and boundary-breaking.


Research is a central component of our mission and TXI champions scholars at all stages and across all fields who are working in the immersive domain. As an affiliate of the institute, researchers have access to TXI’s technology and expertise. Logistical support includes a lending library of immersive tools, training and workshops in cutting edge methods, and assistance with grants. But our best resource is probably our people. At TXI, we think of ourselves as a merry band of misfits working at the edges of uncharted spaces – asking the questions that will propel us into the next decade and beyond.


We’d love to have you join us. If your research is experiential, interactive and story-driven (and really, what research isn’t?), you’re going to fit right in. If your work is more applied or industry-focused but you’d like to explore a research component, you’re going to fit right in. If you’re a novice but are passionate about finding out more about the research potential in immersive, you’re going to fit right in.


In exchange, we ask that faculty affiliates maintain meaningful connections with members of TXI and commit to building immersive research on campus and beyond.

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